Speakers’ interviews

Interviews sorted by alphabetical order

Khaldoon Alaswad, MD
Vascular access and guide selection for CTO PCI

Alexandre Avran, MD
How to deal with ostial RCA CTO

Marouane Boukhris, MD
CTO angiographic analysis: scoring systemsand algorithms

Emmanouil Brilakis, MD
How to manage CTO PCI complications

Alexander Bufe, MD
How to manage ambiguous proximal cap without a retrograde option

Christopher Buller, MD
Why should we treat CTOs: impact on ischemia and LV function

Heinz Joachim Büttner, MD
Specific issues with post-CABG CTOs

Mauro Carlino, MD
Principles of contrast modulation techniques

Jo Dens, MD
The RECHARGE registry: what have we learned?

Benjamin Faurie, MD
How to improve guide catheter support

Aurélie Fresselinat, MD
Cost of CTO PCI: the cathlab manager perspective

Alfredo Galassi, MD
Wire-based ADR: bailout indications and Mini-Star technique

Roberto Garbo, MD

Colm Hanratty, MD
Essential basic maneuvers for CTO PCI

Colm Hanratty, MD
Difficult ADR situations: how to handle?

Jonathan Hill, MD
When you cannot cross the proximal cap with a microcatheter

Thomas Hovasse, MD
Requirements for initiation of CTO PCI program: tools and set up

Yangsoo Jang, MD
Solution for difficult retrograde re-entry

Sanjog Kalra, MD
Supported CTO PCI using percutaneous left ventricular assist devices

Paul Knaapen, MD
Microcatheter overview how to choose and use

Kambis Mashayekhi, MD
Perforations: the complete toolbox and how to use it

Kambis Mashayekhi, MD
Retrograde approach: through epicardial collateral channels

William Nicholson, MD
Retrograde approach: step-by-step instructions

Laurent Quilliet, MD
Coronary angiography in planning for CTO PCI

Nicolaus Reifart, MD
Radioprotection and contrast management

Stéphane Rinfret, MD
Recent trials on CTO PCI: should it change practice?

Elliot Smith, MD
Dissection technique using knuckled wires: use and indication

James Spratt, MD
Antegrade strategy with sequential wire escalation

Satoru Sumitsuji, MD
Externalization and snaring techniques

Khalid Tammam, MD
Wire crosses septal channel but microcatheter doesn’t follow: what to do?

Daniel Weilenmann, MD
Modern parallel wire technique

Masahisa Yamane, MD
Reverse-CART technique